Expert Panel

Registration is required to use the Expert Panel. Please note that you can only register if you have provided proof that you are working as a physician. If this is not evident from the signature in your mail, we require a copy of your medical ID as an attachment.

You apply for registration by sending an e-mail to

If you fulfill the necessary access requirements to our Expert Panel, you will receive a confirmation mail with a link. There you have the possibility to post your case. Please make sure in advance that the entry of patient data for the purpose of a virtual case conference does not violate data protection regulations (DSGVO) and that you have the patient's consent. You have the option of deleting all data provided at any time. At the end of the case conference, you will be asked whether the data should be deleted or included in the knowledgebase.

Note: Requests without a physician's credentials will not be answered.

Video tutorial

How virtual case conferences support rational diagnostics in rare diseases can be seen in this video, which is currently only available in German.