OMIM = Online Medalian Inheritance of Men
  • bone marrow transplantation
  • hemopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • morphine
  • no specific treatment
  • supportive/symptomatic therapy
rare (1:100.000)
autosomal recessive
mutation in the galactosylceramidase gene
high frequency in Israel, 1:50000 in Sweden
blindness, visual loss, visual impairment
cerebral atrophy
defect of deep tendon reflexes
early death
failure to thrive
feeding difficulties, poor feeding
hearing defect, deafness
hypertonia, spasticity
mental retardation
motor retardation
onset, infancy
optic atrophy
peripheral neuropathy
progressive neurologic defect
respiratory insufficiency
laboratory finding
Galactosylceramidase 100.00decreased activityfibroblasts
Galactosylceramidase 100.00decreased activityleucocytes
Protein, total, spinal fluid 10.0030.00increasedcerebrospinal fluid
SEP (sensory evoked potentials), abnormal -
CT, brain, abnormalities -
MRI, brain, white matter abnormalities -
EMG abnormalities -
VEP (visual evoked potentials), abnormal -
AEP (auditory evoked potentials), abnormal -
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