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Detail information to gene locus by the National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI:
  • biotin
artefact that may arise from infant formula preparation - Biotin deficiency in an infant fed with amino acid formula - Increased plasma and urine levels of pyroglutamic acid were found in 4 patients being fed the low-lactose food Nutramigen
no consistent clinical signs or symptoms
onset, infancy
Organic acids, urine
skin rash, eczematous or seborrhoic
laboratory finding
L-Pyroglutamic acid (5-Oxoproline)50.00500.003.0054.00mmol/mol creatinineurine
Octenylsuccinic acid0.000.00 increasedurineno data
3-Hydroxyisovaleric acid50.00100.00 mmol/mol creatinineurine
3-Methylcrotonylglycine11.00120.00 mmol/mol creatinineurine
Methylcitric acid5.0050.00 mmol/mol creatinineurine
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