Autism spectrum disorder is a complex neurodevelopmental  and genetically and clinically heterogeneous disorder
Genetic disorders and autism (Cohen D et al. 2005, Artigas-Pallares J et al. 2005):
 - 10p terminal deletion
 - 15q11-q13 duplication
 - 22q13 deletion
 - 45X/46XY mosaicism
 - Adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency
 - Angelman syndrome
 - Apert syndrome
 - CHARGE syndrome
 - Cohen syndrome
 - Cowden syndrome
 - De Lange syndrome
 - Deletion of chromosome 2q
 - Down syndrome
 - Duchennes disease
 - Fragile X syndrome
 - Goldenhar syndrome
 - HEADD syndrome
 - Hypomelanosis of Ito
 - Joubert syndrome
 - Lujan-Fryns syndrome
 - MECP2 related disorders
 - Moebius syndrome
 - Mutations in the ARX gene
 - Myhre syndrome
 - Myotonic dystrophy
 - Neurofibromatosis type 1
 - Noonan syndrome
 - Phenylketonuria
 - Prader-Willi syndrome
 - Rett syndrome
 - San Filippo syndrome
 - Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
 - Smith-Magenis syndrome
 - Sotos syndrome
 - Steinert disease
 - Timothy syndrome
 - Tuberous sclerosis
 - Velo-cardio-facial syndrome
 - Williams syndrome
 - XYY syndrome
- ...
association between childhood epilepsy and autism
behavior, autism or autistic-like
onset, adolescent
onset, adulthood
onset, childhood
onset, infancy
laboratory finding
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